Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cali Necklace

I think this necklace is darling. from here


A friend of mine asked if I would do a post on cute women's hats and where to find them. Here are a few that struck my fancy.

from here

from here






And if you're brave:

from here




And let's not forget about Aretha Franklin's gorgeous hat at the inauguration:

Designed by Luke Song for more than $500

Bathroom of the Day


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day

As you can see, it was nearly impossible to get Sophie to look at the camera. We still tried with all our might.

Then we came inside. Warmed up. Ate dinner. And Sophie and I danced our hearts out to New Order and David Bowie.

Today's The Day

Woop Woop!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Day in the Life

Woke up early to take Sophie to her doctor's appointment. Our porch steps were slippery and covered in ice. We could see our breath. Wrapped tightly in our scarves, we arrived at the clinic. Sophie went crazy and broke her leash. Squirming. Jumping. Whining. Sniffing butts. The waiting room laughed at us. Jake warned the nurse. He said, "This is Sophie. And she is crazy." The nurse smiled at us politely and nodded her head. We gave Sophie kisses on the nose and the nurse took her away. When she came back she was a bit red in the face. She looked at us and said, "She IS crazy." Yep. We know. Headed off to eat breakfast. Eating breakfast at a restaurant is something we rarely do. A nice treat. Went to Target. Got lots of jewelry on sale. MAJOR sale. Like three dollars a piece sort of sale. And some milk bones for Sophie. Came home for a while. Watched Pineapple Express. It was dumb. Picked up Sophie. Frail and meek. Not at all like the Sophie we have grown to love. I wanted to kiss her and hug her tight. The vet told us, "no playing for two weeks." That sounds nearly impossible, but I am going to do my best. Chinese take-out for dinner. Lazy sort of evening. Now we are all bundled in our pajamas and socks waiting patiently for snow. It should be arriving in six hours.

It's Going to Snow at the Beach!


Tonight. And tomorrow. If anyone needs me, I'll be making snow angels in the front yard.

Some Monday Eye Candy

all found here

PS. That second picture from the bottom is pretty much my dream living room.

Face Wash

I had a reader ask if I could recommend a daily face wash. Any time I visit the face wash aisle at the drugstore, Target, or even department stores, I find myself overwhelmed at all of the options. But, being the sucker that I am, I have tried nearly all of them.
An important thing to remember about face wash is that their are 98373987 different options because there are 9387439 different types of skin. The product your neighbor raves about may be a product that you can't stand. It is also important to realize that a product that works for you in the Summer may be too drying in the Winter. And a product that you love in the Winter may be too oily in the Summer. Pay attention to your skin, and change your regimen accordingly. While I am by no means a skincare expert, I can give you my honest, unbiased opinion on which face washes I like the best. Here are my top picks:

For Normal to Oily Skin:

Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash

I like this face wash simply because of how clean my skin feels after using it. Plus, since it is an Alpha Hydrox product, it gently exfoliates every time you use it. And I love love love exfoliation. *Just remember to wear your sunscreen. Every. day.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

I enjoy this cleanser because it gets my skin clean without over drying. I tend to use this cleanser more in the Summer months when my skin is a little more oily.

For Dry skin:

Olay Daily Facials: Hydrating
I'm a fan of all of Olay's cleansing cloths. (The ones for normal and oily skin are great too). I like that the cloth is double-sided, making cleansing and exfoliation a breeze. The only down side to the cloths is that I tend to go through them much faster than I do a normal cleanser.

Clinique Comforting Cream Cleanser
This cream cleanser feels wonderful going on and is extra gentle. I also like that you can rinse it off with water, or tissue it off. The only downside to cream cleansers is that they oftentimes don't get your skin as clean as gel cleansers do, especially if you wear makeup. However, this one is much better than most.

For Acne-prone Skin:

I'm not a fan of harsh salicilic acid or benzoyl peroxide face washes. Since acne is nothing more than an irritation of the skin, I don't like the idea of scrubbing it with harsh chemicals. It's more about keeping your skin clean and bringing fresh cells to the surface, not simply drying out your skin. So, instead, I recommend either of the face washes that I listed for normal to oily skin paired with a gentle exfoliating cream such as Clinique Turnaround Cream.
I've raved about Clinique Turnaround Cream before, but let me reiterate how wonderful this product is. While it is a little expensive, it is always always always money well spent. The great thing about the Turnaround Cream is that ALL skin types can benefit from it. It is wonderful for anti-aging, it is wonderful for brightening skin, it is wonderful for evening skin tone, for diminishing discolorations, and yes, it is wonderful for acne. Each time you use it (I use it both morning and night), you are exfoliating and bringing fresh cells to the surface. What does that mean for acne? It means that day after day all of the gunk that you have built up in the depths of your skin are slowly making their way to the surface. All while brightening your skin, evening its tone, and healing acne. I guess you could say I am a Turnaround Cream advocate. I love love love this product.

You also have the option to use the Turnaround 5 Minute Facial which, when used twice a week with your regular turnaround cream, speeds up the process of exfoliation. I highly recommend this product as well.

But, back to cleansing,
to see just how clean your cleanser is getting your skin, try going over it with a toner after you wash. If your cotton swab is left with any residue or dirt, your cleanser is not working like it should. Make sure you use an alcohol-free toner so you don't over dry your skin. I recommend Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner. I use it after I wash everyday.

I hope this was helpful.
I would love to hear from you! What are your favorite facial cleansers or products?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Think....

This is funny.
Remember Tears For Fears?



Lately I have actually been getting some comments here and there. I am still pretty new to this whole blogging thing, so I am humbled to know that I have even one reader out there. So, to anyone who reads this, Thank you.

Keeping with the theme, here are some cute thank you cards to feast your eyes on:

From Hey Laurice
Via I Heart You

From InkDropDesign

From Mgpca

From Melanie Karlins